Morgan Hill Transmission Service

A transmission is an extremely important part of an engine for both manual and automatic vehicles. If a vehicle is having transmission problems, it can put a lot of unnecessary stress on the engine and consume much more fuel. Going a little bit more in depth into a transmission will help give an understanding of why a transmission is so important.

The main function of a transmission is to make sure that the always moving engine does not get affected by the sometimes moving wheels. The transmission does this by having multiple gears that can translate engine torque into wheel movement. Engines are then able to run within a certain rpm range while still being able to drive a vehicle at different speeds. When a transmission is not functioning properly it may cause the engine to run at higher rpm’s which would use more gasoline.

The mechanics at C&M Auto Service are trained to diagnose and service transmissions. They are ASE Certified and have years of experience servicing transmissions.

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